Question by  Lucy (40)

How was the mustache invented?


Answer by  headfirst (82)

Very, very long ago, men did not have shavers or razors, so they grew out their facial hair. Mustaches were considered a very manly aspect.


Answer by  strawberry (124)

Mustache was not really invented, probably really long time ago some lazy man did not feeling thus mustache was born.


Answer by  kaushika (17)

It was discovered in 1834. It was seen in the people of Mexico. Mostly males grew moustache but when female grew it was not supported. The moustache was considered as an evolutionary next level of civilization. Men loved to grow moustache to show importance in home. It was found to be grown under the nose of many species including mankind.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Somebody lost their razor and grew one lol. You can do a web search on it and it will give you alot of information about them it will even give you different styles you can wear them in as well as the proper trimming techniques.


Answer by  Mach (76)

The word "mustache" is ultimately derived from the Greek word "mullon" which means lip. This makes sense because a mustache is hair above the upper lip. With the advent of shaving, it was possible to alter facial hair growth. It wasn't really "invented" in the sense that there was something new. It was an invention of omission.


Answer by  Rudi (20)

Well, the moustache could hardly be invented - as it is just facial hair. Shaving with sharp rocks, etc. has been possible throughout human history, but the first sign of someone with just a moustache (and not a beard) is a drawing of a Scythian horseman on a felt artifact, from 300 years BC. He had a wonsal style moustache.

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