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Question by  imoecc (25)

How to raise convict fish?

I have been given convict fish and would like to make sure I care for them right.


Answer by  soapjunkie (581)

For the aquarium tank include a bright light and some hiding places because this type of fish has aggressive behavior. Convict Cichlid fish generally accept all aquarium fish food, such as flakes or pellets. They eat almost anything and do not require any special diet. Some ideal tank mates would be other Cichlids varieties.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

I want to know what that fish was convicted of lol. Water should be 20-28C/68-82F and pH 6-8. You can feed both flake and pellet food.


Answer by  Aqua (130)

Convicts are hardy, and they are territorial. If you have a pair, they will bread. Overpopulation is not unusual. Water conditions should be in the neutral pH range.


Answer by  JohnnyUniteUs (174)

You should treat them well. They have been through a lot, having been in prison and all. But also keep a close eye on them, since they are convicts.

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