Question by  dee123 (51)

Can anyone tell me how to raise German Blue Rams in an aquarium?

I'm adding fish to my aquarium.


Answer by  techgurl (97)

Rams die very easily. Keep the pH at 6. 6, water as steady as possible at 26 degrees C. Use a water softener and keep your tank sparkling clean.


Answer by  tmskaggsyahoocom (16)

These fish require a water temp. of 78-85 degrees. They also need a ph level of 5. 5 to 7. 0 and do best is soft water. They should be introduced to an established tank with old water and can be picky eaters, so try baby brime shrimp!


Answer by  Ann38 (20)

Placing a female and a male in the same tank will bring about babies. They can be placed in a tank with other fish, let them set in their bag in the water for about an hour before they are released in to the tank. If it is a new tank make sure let the water circulate for one day.


Answer by  anthonyross43 (17)

German Blue Rams need plenty of open aquarium space and any plants should be arranged in dense groups instead of spread out over the tank. The Blue Ram loves caves, so add a hollow tank decoration. Also, add stones as they spawn on top of them.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

I would raise them alone in their own aquarium because that way nothing happens to your other fish. These fish are very territorial and like to own the tank. If you do not have another tank I would suggest seperating them so that they are alone to see how things are going to work out.


Answer by  pezhead420 (182)

Blue Rams need at least 20 gallon tanks with a good bit of dense vegetation and a few caves to hide in. They like a neutral pH and water between 77 and 82 degrees.

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