Question by  Squeakyface (17)

How to make java work in Windows xp?

I need help with Java and Windows xp.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

What problem is it giving you exactly? You can try uninstalling it with Add and Remove programs, then going to the Java website and downloading the newest version.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

We need java 1.4.12 or higher version or otherwise use the following step. Start- settings-control panel-java-click update option and select update now.


Answer by  MarvinFVicarme (132)

What is the specific problem? you can uninstall java, go to control panel and click add/remove programs and fresh install it again. If you don't have java in your PC, just go to their website download and install it, just click the command button "download". Another thing is update your java, go to control panel, click java, and click update.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

If you want to run Java on your computer, you can download it at Sun's website. If you want to program in Java, then you will need to download the SDK which is also available at Sun's website. Websites that require Java often redirect you Sun's website so you can download it.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

You need java 1. 4. 12 or higher. If you have a lower edition, select "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel", "Java". Click on the "Update" tab, then click on "Update now". If you have a compatible Java version, select the Java Runtime Settings window and clear all entries and the temporary internet files.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

If Java is giving you problems, try uninstalling the program by going to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove programs and remove it. Then go to the Java website and download new version. Your old Java may be out of date if you have not updated recently.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

The java platform is typically pre-installed on most XP based computers. If Java Runtime Environment is still not working, you can try to update the driver's manually by going directly to the Java website.


Answer by  Heffer (122)

The first step to troubleshooting Java with Windows XP is to make sure that the user has all the updates installed associated with the program. If Java is still not working after that, the next step would be to uninstall and reinstall the program through the add/remove programs feature in the Control Panel in the Start Menu.


Answer by  viknesh (10)

First you must installed the java program in windows xp and then the java icon will be appear in the desktop or in the program list when you click the icon the java program will work

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