Question by  bniles (58)

How should you handle landlord disputes?

I have been disagreeing about quite a few things with my new landlord.


Answer by  DeDi (85)

Many cities have a tenant advocacy group that will help you understand your rights as a tenant. Try the Yellow Pages or searching the internet for one in your area.


Answer by  Tiera19 (97)

Do some research on the internet about actions available for certain problems with your landlord. Most people are not aware that you can put your rent into an escrow account and you do not have to pay your rent until the landlord takes care of their responsibilities.


Answer by  Kat76 (475)

If you are questioning whether he or she is right or wrong in regards to a specific subject, I would google your state's renter's rights or contact your district attorney's office, where they can help you to know and learn your legal rights as a renter.


Answer by  liblue (683)

My landlord has agreed to a meeting for a number of issues. After not agreeing informally this will make it more official. If resolution isn't forthcoming I will let him know what I plan to do next if I still want to live there.

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