Question by  Jen (54)

How should I take care of a cracked rib?


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

The best treatment for a cracked rib is lots of rest. You need to be sure to take it easy so you do not make your condition worse. A cracked rib could lead to a punctured lung if you exert yourself too much, so you must be very careful until it heals.


Answer by  Gfaaw (143)

Not much can be done to speed the healing of a cracked rib. The main thing to do is keep the injury from being further damaged. Other that that it will take time for the rib to heal.


Answer by  ashley17 (48)

Take pain medication for starters. It will help ease the discomfort of the healing process. Make sure you ice the rib, and get plenty of rest. You should also make sure to take occasional deep breaths; a cracked rib can reduce your lung capacity, and that is an ideal condition for pneumonia to develope.


Answer by  barkley (951)

See a doctor for xrays, but the most they generally do will tape your ribs to ease the pain. Be careful with your movements for the near term.


Answer by  Anonymous

Try using a moderately loose binding around the rib cage

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