Question by  kay (20)

How should I prepare the soil in my yard for new sod?


Answer by  Grandma (66)

Start by plowing the area, turning over or removing the old grass. Spread a load of new topsoil where the sod will be placed. Fertilize, rake, level, and till the soil. The soil is then ready to roll out the large strips of sod. Water it and watch it grow.


Answer by  AnnArk (141)

Spreading mulch is a good method for controlling weeds. Spreading compost is a good method for enriching the soil. Spreading worm castings or vermicompost with further enrich the soil and help provide the sod with protection against fungus.


Answer by  LisaM (61)

First leveling should have been made 1 inch below level for the new sod. Take a rake and rake the top soil. Once the sod is laid ed then you should roll your sod with a lawn roller. After the first week of watering. When you do water, water deeply.


Answer by  sean (141)

Churn the soil until it is soft and all of the big rocks are out of it. Then flatten it and pack it again to lay the new sod down.

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