Question by  Niles (38)

How should I handle my overly-critical parents?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If their mannerism is hindering to you and is causing you harm you should tell them that it hurts you. Just tell them that you are who you are and you cannot change that. Your parents should love you for who you are not hate you for who you are not.


Answer by  Mar (428)

The easiest way to handle this situation is to open your mouth and tell them it is hurtful. You're already miserable; either you'll remain that way or things will improve.


Answer by  John (9008)

You need to confront them and set firm boundaries. If they refuse to listen, then you need to start minimizing their role in your life.


Answer by  Terri (229)

Consider why they are being critical. Maybe they just want to see you be the best you can be. Maybe they think that you are making a bad decision. Accept that they are being critical out of love for you and your future.


Answer by  Brittney (1095)

You need to show them that you can make your own decisions. Let them know that you may make mistakes, but that is how you will learn. They may always be critical. You just need to show them that you know what is best for you.

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