Question by  hthrweschler (30)

How should I go about washing ace bandage.

Can I just throw it in the wash?


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

If you just throw it in the wash it will be fine, but the dryer may weaken the elastic. Sun dry it.


Answer by  mamapuppy (241)

You can wash it in the washer and dryer, but that can wear it out faster. It is better to hand wash and dry it to maintain elasticity.


Answer by  Puppyluv (173)

I use a lingerie bag and throw it in the wash with my white load of clothes. That load usually has a bit of bleach in it (so it gets clean and disinfected during the cycle), and when it has finished, I remove it and carefully hang it up to air dry.


Answer by  Patty (195)

The best and safest way to wash an ace bandage is the old fashion way, which is to hand wash it using hot soapy water, then rinse throughly with cold water and let air dry.

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