Question by  MikeRob (18)

What can I do about musty bath towels?

My towels are always musty, even after I wash them.


Answer by  katie77 (96)

When you wash them put some baking soda and white vinegar in the wash water and put some white vinegar in the water during the rinse cycle. Or you can use Borax during the wash cycle (green and white box in the laundry soap aisle).


Answer by  Darry (3853)

You could either wash them in bleach with a tablespoon of white vinegar or purchase some Febreeze fabric freshener and spray them until damp, either should help the smell.


Answer by  Pinto (166)

Wash bath towels with a sweet smelling washing powder, air in sunlight. Keep some cloves wrapped in cloth with the towels.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

Use bleach when you wash the towels, and fabric softener. Then dry with a scented dryer sheet, and put them in a cabinet with plenty of ventilation. Add mothballs to the cabinet.


Answer by  cupcake (360)

Be sure to dry the towels right after washing them. Check where you store the towels. You may need to line the shelves with plastic.

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