Question by  tweek (24)

How should I go about making sure that my new pool table is level?

Is pool table leveling hard? Do I need to have someone come in and do it for me?


Answer by  mangosteen (272)

A level pool table is critical to enjoyable play. Just get one of those bubble levelers. You need to level each leg so that each one is touching the ground, otherwise you might warp the table. If your table doesn't have built-in levelers, use wedges as shims.


Answer by  koda (40)

Put a pool ball down in the middle of the table if it rolls one way or another your table is not level. Keep working with the table until you can lay a ball down and it stay put from every angle of the table you should be able to use a level on the table.


Answer by  floresja (33)

It's not difficult if your handy. Use a long leveling tool to level and adjust the table's feet. If your not handy then call someone to level it.


Answer by  jackie (276)

Usually, the company that's sold you your new pool table will level it as part of the delivery process. If not, you can do it yourself, using a carpenter's level and adjusting each leg individually.


Answer by  Paintballer90210 (56)

No, first before you have someone come do it get a level. Put your table where you want it. Then make sure it is level. That simple.

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