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Question by  Mike (43)

How do you go about moving a pool table?

My son wants to take our pool table to his apartment but we don't know how to move it.


Answer by  gomez (16)

You should first see if there is a way to partially dissassemble it which will make it a little lighter to carry. If you are planning to do it yourself. Before disassembling anything though I would check the manfuacturers website. Then get a vehicle sufficient to transport it without damage.


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

To move a pool table, wrap the table top in something soft. Then go underneath and unscrew the legs and supports. Once it's just resting on them, get strong people to lift the table off. Lastly, tie the legs and supports together and put everything in a vehicle to move.


Answer by  mturk11 (140)

Pool tables are heavy and you difficult to move. You should hire movers to help you move the table intact. If you wish to move it yourself you should try taking it apart as this will make it easier to life and maneuver.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

If this is a good table, please hire a pro. 1- it's heavy, 2- if you care about it you don't want to crack the slate, tear the felt, or spring the joins. Pool tables depend on balance, and structural integrity. If this is not a good table, bribe his friends. Excellent amounts of pizza usually help. Consult Brunswick.


Answer by  jalucia (936)

If you are going to move the table to a different residence you want to call a professional. If you are sure you want to take on the challenge, and possibly alter the condition of your table you can use a dolly and place the table on its side. Or, you can disassemble it, then reassemble it at new location.

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