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Question by  ikmahal (17)

How should I get rid of voodoo dolls?


Answer by  crisduarte (363)

If I had a voodoo doll and if I really believed it could cause harm I would burn it. I'd also pray that no one is harmed in this process.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Most people suggest burning it or burying it as a means of getting rid of it. You could also take it to a local priest or pastor and they should know how to dispose of it safely.


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

The best way to dispose of a voodoo doll is to burn it. If you cannot burn it take some scissors and cut it into pieces.


Answer by  Matt83 (112)

Just throw them out. Voodoo dolls are superstitious, therefore they do not actually do anything of importance. People get paranoid for no reason about nothing, so just throw them in the garbage and just forget about it, you never had them in the first place, you must make yourself think


Answer by  Lornah (282)

First, you have to accept the fact that voodoo dolls are satanic and that they are not helping you with anything other than portraying you as an evil human being.


Answer by  Geez (224)

Best option is to go to a voodoo practitioner to get it destroyed. Another way is to learn to sever the cord between you and the doll and wash the doll. Again sever the cord and let dry. Then burn the doll and dispose the ashes in running water.


Answer by  lynn (821)

you would probably want to find out exactly what kind of voodoo doll it is. there may be different ways to get rid of different types of voodoo dolls. do some research online or see if you can find or contact someone who practices voodoo that could give you some advice in this matter.

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