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Question by  jaems (22)

How should I dry wet sneakers?


Answer by  Mar (428)

Place the sneakers in the washer on the spin cycle to remove excess water and then place in the sun for complete drying. This could require several days.


Answer by  WiseGirl (59)

Leave them in a dry, sunny spot for a short time, then put them in the dryer on medium heat till they are dry. Include a dryer sheet for scent.


Answer by  lisa55 (71)

I lay my wet sneakers over the air vents in my house sole side up. I have found that the dryer and sun damages the material.


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

If they are wet with dirty water, rewash them. Then you can leave them in the sun, throw them in a clothes dryer, or use a hairdryer on them.

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