Question by  ottoe (36)

What are the rules of dress for Orthodox Jewish women?

I know that Orthodox Jews have dress codes, I just don't know what they are.


Answer by  st (72)

Orthodox Jewish Women traditionally dress extremely modestly, with most of their skin covered. Long skirts and layers of tops insure that skin is carefully covered. Often, married women shave their heads and wear a wig, yet some women simply cover their heads with a scarf. Unmarried women are not required to cover their heads, yet they also dress modestly.


Answer by  alleymcdeal (20)

The rules of dress for Orthodox Jewish women stress modesty. The orthodox believe that women should be as fully clothed as possible. Orthodox Jewish women are required to wear a headcovering, called a "shaytl" (Yiddish word for "wig"). Long sleeves are required and the wearing of slacks is a prohibited as that also falls into the category of immodest dress.

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