Question by  rpmurugan (18)

How often should you replace the brake pedal for a Tahoe?

Not the brakes but the pedal inside the car used to apply the brakes.


Answer by  Mike728 (19)

The Chevy Tahoe is a well built SUV. While most parts on a car will be replaced at some point during the life of the car, the brake pedal rarely will be replaced. The brake pedal for a Tahoe should only be replaced if there has been some significant damage causing improper use and becomes a safety issue.


Answer by  happytimes63 (865)

The brake pedal should last the life of the vehicle. The rubber surrounding the pedal can be replaced if it is worn and can be purcased from the manufacturer. If the pedal is bent or loose, it should be adjusted or replaced. This may the result of a collision.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

The brake pedal should not have to be replaced for life of vehicle under normal wear and tear. If the Tahoe is less than ten years old, consult a local dealer for any recall issues and explain the problems you've been having. This could be sign of more serious problem.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Really the pedal assemble should never have to be replaced for the life of the vehicle. If it is not operating as it should or if you have replaced it several times then you may have other issues. IF you have the old arm and cable style be sure to regularly lubricate the cable and the arm pivot.

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