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Question by  miechel345 (6)

How much will it cost me for a complete kitchen remodel?

I don't know how to approach the project in a cost effective way.


Answer by  M87 (7)

This depends on how big your kitchen is and what kind of upgrades and fixtures you would like to buy. A medium-sized kitchen with average installations will cost between $20,000 to $30,000 according to Remodeling Magazine. You can try to lower your costs by doing a lot of the purchasing yourself, or opting for cabinet refacing instead of new cabinets.


Answer by  ML (122)

The cost to could vary depending on the quailty of the products used, if you are remodeling the original foot print or if you plan to enlarge the room. Meet with a contractor to go over you ideas and get an estimate on the cost to have the room completed.


Answer by  jizzy (15)

The cost of remodeling an entire kitchen really depends on the size, current condition and layout of your kitchen. You must also take into consideration the quality of the appliances and products that your going to use to replace the old ones.


Answer by  John48912 (86)

The first consideration is whether you'll hire someone to do the renovation or whether you'll do some, or all of it, by yourself. If you have the tools and know what you are doing it'll cost less to do it yourself. Next look at the cost of the materials; your local hardware can show you options in many price ranges.


Answer by  randy688 (17)

The cost of remodeling project depends upon many things like the materials, design you choose and the areas in which you live etc. Things that you need to consider are market analysis for price and quality of service. The floorings with Cheap wood Flooring, Cheap Hardwood Flooring or Cheap Laminate Flooring are good enough for low cost budget.

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