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Question by  onslaught (22)

How can I varnish my greasy kitchen cabinets to make the look like new?

I need to remodel my kitchen, yet I have a very small budget. I thought that re varnishing my cabinets would help change the look and save.


Answer by  Branwyn (50)

First, clean off all the grease using a degreasing product you can purchase from the grocery store. After there is no more grease on the cabinets, you will have to take off the old varnish with wither a chemical varnish remover or sandpaper. Once you have finished that, you will be able to varnish your cabinets.


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

You need to clean the grease off first but the easiest thing to do is sand it off. Make sure the dust is cleaned off before varnishing.


Answer by  ExcatteR (41)

Take out all the things you keep and multiclean it with soap oil. Clean till the greasy thing wears off with a sturdy brush, and let it completely dry. Don't forget to clean it with real hot water before you dry it.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

First, sand the old finish and all the grease off the cabinets. Take the doors off and all the hardware. Sand the doors inside and out and the outside of the cabinet frames (the parts you see on the front). You can then paint or polyurethane. You can also buy new hardware or clean the old hardware really well.


Answer by  martin (522)

Remove all of the grease with a powerful degreaser first. For the best finish, strip off the old varnish before applying new varnish. Otherwise, sand the old varnish first.

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