Question by  KellyCapelli (20)

How much weight will I lose if I stop drinking wine?

I need to lose weight.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If you drink a lot of Wine it will cause you to gain quite a bit of weight. You could potentially lose five to ten pounds if you stop drinking wine and start to exercise.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

Well, a lot of it depends on how much wine you drink on a regular basis. Wine has roughly 90 calories a glass, and there are 4. 5 glasses in your average size bottle.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

It depends on how much wine you drink. A four-ounce glass of wine has approximately 100 calories. You must eat 3500 calories less to lose a pound. If you are drinking two glasses a day, it would take about two and a half weeks to lose a pound.


Answer by  unni (259)

Any way you can lose your weight at least 3kg because the wine contain lots of sugar and the reason for your weight gaining is that sugar.

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