Question by  I (11)

How much timothy hay should a rabbit get?


Answer by  mohan (96)

The six month rabbit can take 50 gm to 100 gm of hay for one day. But rabbit should feed different varity of food for it. The rabbit should feed on vegitables like cabbage,carrot,beetroot etc. The rabbit cage should have a plenty of space to run arround it.


Answer by  Kris86 (19)

We had a rabbit who had a problem with loose poops. When we looked into it, we always came across advice stating that you can't give a rabbit enough timothy hay, and this is what we tried to do. Rabbits seem to have very sensitive digestive systems, and we always thought that it was better safe than sorry.


Answer by  Anjou (48)

As much as they want! Some bunnies enjoy tugging at their food, so hay stuck in the top of an empty tissue box or an oatmeal container with holes in it is fun. Other bunnies like munching on hay while they're sitting in their litter box. A five pound bunny should eat a couple of big handfuls every day.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Rabbits should get unlimited timothy hay - as much as they want to eat. It keeps their teeth in good condition and helps them stay healthy, as well. If your rabbit is over a year old you should also provide timothy-based pellets rather than alfalfa ones, which have too much calcium and will make rabbits put on too much weight.

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