Question by  EarlOfSandwich (177)

How much time should pass after submitting a job application before you should hear?


Answer by  symphonyparis (493)

It depends on the season, the location, where you live, how high of a turn over rate the company or job has. Generally speaking it may be from 3 days to about a week or two. It does not hurt to call and ask about your application, if it has been reviewed, anything different you can do.


Answer by  souixan (23)

Personally I like to give a full 7 days, if I don't hear by then I take initiative and contact them.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

This varies based on the type of employment you are seeking. Generally give the company a week if you mailed your resume or a few days if you delivered it in person to get back to you. Contacting them too early may make you look desperate.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

It depends on the company size, how long they've been taking applications, and how many people are applying. For a standard job that may take a lot of applicants, it could be a while. For a skilled position, the time it'd take would be much shorter. It depends how "unique" the position is and how your skillset applies to it.

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