Question by  crazyxxme (108)

How much should I expect to pay for a lemonade maker?

This would be for home use.


Answer by  LoriS2010 (7)

The cost of an at home lemonade maker ranges from just over $20.00 to around $25.00. There are more expensive options that resemble a blender and make frozen "slushee style" lemonade. That type of lemonade maker will cost approximately $300.00 and could be used in more industrial settings, than is required for at home use.


Answer by  Fantina (23)

The cost of a lemonade maker depends on the various models available. It ranges from $15 to $40 depending on the ease and quality of juice extraction formula.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

The price of a home lemonade maker varies with the maker.The simplest runs around $50. A juicer that also with pulp extractor runs around $228.00. Price also depends on the wattage.The more watts the higher ths cost.


Answer by  traqueofziche (18)

Depending on the volume of the pitcher that you would like, the lemonade maker could go for anywhere between 20 to 35 dollars.

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