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Question by  heather22 (29)

Should I be concerned if worms were found inside my bunny?

The doctor found worms inside my bunny.


Answer by  JimIngram (115)

You should be concerned if your bunny has worms. Pinworms are most common in rabbits and are considered a parasite. Parasites are a danger to any animal.


Answer by  Yosei (11)

Yes. Depending upon worm type, the rabbit could suffer different conditions & may even be contagious to animals or humans that are in contact. Some will cause the rabbit to lose weight, harm organs or senses (like eyesight), and may even cause it to die. A rabbit may not even show outward signs of symptoms. Treatment may be simple.


Answer by  LeeAnn (67)

There would be eggs in the feces if your bunny has a parasite so an exam from a veterinarian may be in order. Also if your bunny is acting tired or a little "off", I would say its definately time to take him to the vet.


Answer by  rosslori6 (99)

You should not be concerned. Rabbits often have worms during the warmer months but will be ridded of them as the temperature decreases.

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