Question by  nandhu (104)

How do you make boo boo bunnies?

I would like to make boo boo bunnies for a craft for my preschoolers.


Answer by  azgk11 (66)

Lay a washcloth flat, fold the napkin in the shape of a triangle, starting at the top of the triangle roll tightly downward,then fold in half twice. Wrap a rubber band around the end with the second fold. Straighten the ears and wrap a ribbon around the rubber band


Answer by  itsmeagain (177)

Fold washcloth into triangle. Start at the top of the triangle and roll tightly into a "burrito" shape. Fold in half. Hold two ends together, and fold them back. The closed end will hold the ice. Secure the two folded ends with a rubber band to form head (the two ends are ears). Decorate with googly eyes and ribbon. Done!


Answer by  keg88 (31)

Fold a washcloth in half diagonally so it makes a triangle. Roll it up, starting at the pointy end. Fold in half the long way, then fold in half again. Wrap a rubberband around the end of the washcloth without the ends. Fluff the ears, glue on eyes and a pom-pom nose, and put a icecube in the loop.


Answer by  Terri (229)

The supplies that you will need are a washcloth, googly eyes, pom poms, ribbon, craft glue and scissors. Once you have these supplies, look up step-by-step directions online. You will also be able to find pictures online which will help you in the process.

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