Question by  remixedx3 (26)

How much is my 3 tiered dumbwaiter table worth?

I may sell it as an antique or at least insure it.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

It would depend greatly on the condition and type but most have some value. If it is an antique consider getting it appraised.


Answer by  childebrand (63)

It could be worth thousands of dollars but the value of something is based on how old it is, what it's all made of, all original pieces on it, and how good of a shape it's in. Find an antique shop and see if they can give you an idea of what it is worth.


Answer by  jnicita (39)

The value of a 3 tiered dumbwaiter table depends alot on who made it or where its from. The price could range from $150 and can go into the thousands of dollars range. Other factors are age and type of wood its made out of.


Answer by  Cassandradalla (228)

You would be prudent to have your three tiered dumbwaiter table professionally appraised by a qualified professional appraiser in order to obtain an accurate and documented estimate of its monetary value in today's market. Very often, sellers of historic furniture are pleased to learn that their items are valuable; but individual table values vary depending on many specific factors.


Answer by  near2land (493)

Do some homework on the internet first to determine the value. Next, you can call or visit antique dealers in your area to determine their interest.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Your tables value depends on several factors, One being its shape. Squared tables of this type tend to bring more cash at auction. Its wood type, The best you could hope for is an old table made of American Mahoganey. And its age, the tables produced in the early 1900's fetch big bucks. if broken do not repair it! 15,000.


Answer by  Learner (350)

The worth depends on the make of the table, type of finish, size, designs crafted, distance between the tiers and the condition of the table. The average rate of 3-tier dumbwaiter table is 350 US dollars (if it is an antique piece). Before selling it to an antique dealer, try to consult with many dealers.


Answer by  julie39 (171)

It would depend on it's age, it's quality and it's manufacturer. Prices can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, if it's antique the worth would be more.


Answer by  katdog (294)

It really depends on how old it is, how good of condition it is in, and whether or not anyone can actually figure these two things out. You will either have to locate the same item on the internet, or find an antique appraiser.

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