Question by  dragndust (52)

How much is a silver dollar from 1890?

I have an 1890 Silver Dollar.


Answer by  vicim (16)

A 1890 silver dollar can vary in value from $17. 00 to $750. 00 depending on the mint mark and condition of the coin. A coin with no mint mark in well-worn condition would only be worth $17. 00. A coin with a CC mint mark in excellent condition could be worth $750. 00.


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

It definitely depends on the quality and more importantly where it was minted. It could be anywhere from 20$ to $40,000 if it is a Carson City mint.


Answer by  jenjen90 (240)

A silver dollar from the 1890s has lots of values. They are worth from $17.00 to $40,300.00. That is depending on the type of silver dollar.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

The value of a silver dollar from 1890 varies depending on various factors. Where is was minted and the current condition of the coin play a significant role in the value. It can range anywhere from less than twenty to over $9000 depending on these factors.


Answer by  Chris33 (37)

An 1890 Silver Dollar (the Morgan Dollar) would depend on the "Mint Mark". This can be located on the back of the coin at the bottom between the eagle's tail feathers. It could be worth between $10 - $600 depending on the condition and mint mark. I would suggest having it looked at by a collector.

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