Question by  dennis26 (7)

How do you determine the value of silver dollars?

I have several silver dollars that were given to me and I would like to sell them.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Determining the value of silver dollars has many factors. Age, condition, where the coin was minted, how many were minted in that particular year, any errors made in the minting of the coin. Take it to at least two reputable coin dealers in the area and get their opinions on pricing then go with the best one.


Answer by  cutething01 (34)

I would go buy a Red Book and see what the prices would be. You could also take them to a coin dealer, most of them are pretty honest. Look on eBay also and check the value agaist coins like it


Answer by  tatataterri (203)

The value of a silver dollar depends on many things. It depends on the age, condition, and rarity. It may also be worth more if it's from a specific year.

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