Question by  thilastars (8)

How should I clean a Cabbage Patch doll?


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

If the doll is cloth then carefully wipe the doll with a clean wet rag. If needed, put a very small amount of liquid dishwashing soap on the wet rag. Do not press down too hard on the doll. Wipe the doll agiain with a wet rage with no soap. Let it dry before playing with it.


Answer by  candykitty13 (61)

If the head is dirty, simple soap and water usually gets most of the dirt off. The body is supposed to be spot cleaned also using soap and water. I have found that the Dryell spot remover works really well on dirt on the plush body and you don't have to wash the entire limb.


Answer by  beyonddlens (39)

It is unbelievable. People think wipes are just for cleaning babies rear. I have tried wipes for shirt stain and other things. Try wipes to clean your cabbage patch doll. Use wipes if is dirty for stains there is shout tide or other brands.Many years ago I wash it in the washin machine and it also worked.


Answer by  worker76 (773)

It really depends if you're plannign on saving it as a vintage collectable or just wanting it cleaned so that your kids can play with it. If its for the kids...throw it in the washer. if it's baing preserved I wouldn't wash it. Just dab it with a little soap and water on a towel.


Answer by  mansi (521)

get a wet cloth with your favorite cleaner and lightly rub the areas. as with any cleaner and that fabric on the doll being old test a hard to see spot first. some detergents are just too harsh and will fade the materialp some also pick up some scotch guard. just follow the directions and do about 3 coats

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