Question by  efreitas (17)

How much does an Apple iPod mini sell for?

Someone got me one as a gift.


Answer by  diabl0 (22)

I have my own iPod mini and bought it for fifty dollars from a friend. Depending on how many gigs it has it could possibly sell for more. The mini is outdated to today's standards of iPod's so don't expect too much.


Answer by  Praxite (21)

It depends on where you sell it and how many GB's your mini is. A new 4 gig iPod mini retails for around 300.00 on amazon. However if you look elsewhere you will find new 4gb mini's for under 100 dollars. It all depends on where you sell/buy it.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

The average selling prices of these depending on the generation, color, capacity and the condition is $10-$80, $80 being on the high end of a sealed mini. Older iPods have rapid depreciation due to new generations constantly being introduced into the market, especially when the capacity of them increase greatly.

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