Question by  jdanielbelch (20)

How do I troubleshoot a problem with my Apple iPod?

My iPod will turn off, sometimes, while I'm in the middle of a playlist. How can I determine the cause of this?


Answer by  ezampino (22)

1) You should check to make sure there isn't a timer set on the iPod that is making it turn off. 2) Make sure it is fully charged. 3) If your iPod is older it might need a new battery because it is no longer able to hold a charge.


Answer by  NobodysHome (385)

Different "generations" of iPods have different "bugs" or problems; your best bet is to find your product's serial number and what "generation" of iPod it is, and then go to the Apple support website for that specific model/generation.


Answer by  mturkuser (216)

First of all make sure that your iPod is charged. If that is not the problem, you can reset your ipod using either the center button or the play button depending on what ipod you have. Lastly, you may need to go to itunes and restore your ipod from there.


Answer by  Colemanbunny (231)

Apple has an online troubleshooting guide available. I think I would first try letting the battery totally die. Then I would let it totally recharge. Then try using it again.


Answer by  Dturk (132)

I know of several ways: look for your problem in the troubleshooting guide in the manual that came with your iPod. Also, you can try restoring the iPod, which can be done from inside iTunes. Or google Ipod Reset Utility. If all else fails, take it to the store.


Answer by  BrandonAllin (968)

Are you sure it doesn't just power down when the battery is nearly dead? This happens frequently with no real forewarning. If that's not the case, your best bet is to visit the Apple website and contact them directly. It could be any number of different problems.


Answer by  Stevce (41)

well first of all try finding something on the net who is having the same problem. If you cant find anything, go to the closest apple store and they will help you.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

apple has a wonderful trouble shooter tool. You could also try to update to the latest software and see if that resolves the problem

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