Question by  Seano (11)

How much bicycle riding is safe for a pregnant woman?


Answer by  Tabitha (51)

Women's bodies will know when it's time to slow down. If you ride bike often, your body gradually adapts balance and motor skills. If you have not ridden a bike since conception it isn't safe to ride a bike 3rd trimester. There is no greater a risk in riding a bike than walking through a crowded room.


Answer by  BabyMamma (34)

In most circumstances, you can ride a bike while pregnant. Check with your doctor first because you may not be able to ride due to some risk factors.


Answer by  mpelle (343)

Many would say that bike riding is great as an exercise for a pregnant woman, but I would not say that it would be safe. If the woman some how fell off of the bike while riding it the baby could be harmed significantly. There is no telling if someone would fall off or not.

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