Question by  Manar (2)

Can a pregnant woman ride a bike?

I am pregnant and I really enjoy riding a bike.


Answer by  miler (77)

Pregnant women should consult a medical professional about the appropriateness of their exercise regime during pregnancy. In general exercise is good for you and your baby during pregnancy.


Answer by  karebeer (429)

I would think that riding a bike would be good for you during a pregnancy because you are getting rid of water weight! I would think that it would help you stay in shape!


Answer by  sassymom (47)

I think you can still do it as long as you're still comfortable with the bike. I mean i don't think you can do it with an already bigger tummy. But you must ensure safety when riding one, for the sake of your baby and for you as well. Also, don't exhaust yourself too much.


Answer by  jlia (79)

I don;t think there is any reason not to rise a bike while you are pregnant. There will come a time when it will be extremely uncomfortable to ride, but that won't be until later on. Just make sure to ride carefully, where you are not likely to fall and get an injury in your abdominal area.


Answer by  AssethEvanie (37)

No. It might cause you harm. Accident may happen if you can't control the bike. There's a lot of things a pregnant woman can do.


Answer by  Anonymous

From personal experience i dont think pregnant woman should ride bikes because i had a miscarriage from riding a bike so its not that safe.


Answer by  amswplusone (652)

Riding at a gentle pace is fine, but don't ride too hard. The worst danger is taking a fall off the bike, so it might not be recommended.

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