Question by  allornothing27 (84)

How many survivors were there when the Titanic ship went down?

Was the movie accurate?


Answer by  Amy21 (460)

I thinkt he movie was pretty close to accurate. I think there were jsut over 700 survivors form the crash of the Titanic. Which was less then a 3rd of what was on the ship.


Answer by  60187guy (120)

There were 706 survivors rescued out of a total of 2,223 people aboard the Titanic. The ship only had lifeboat capacity for 1,178 people when it set sail on its fateful voyage. Many of the lifeboats had only a few people aboard as was shown in the movie.


Answer by  felishar03 (32)

The Titanic ship was carrying a total of 2,228 people and of those 2,228 only about 700 passengers were saved. On the Titanic about 20 rescue boats were used, however they weren't filled.The Titanic movie I believe was somewhat accurate due to the fact that most of the survivor's in real life were women and children as well.


Answer by  Levi73 (6)

Of the 2,223 people aboard the Titanic, only 708 people survived. Though the movie does capture many elements of the disaster, it is only a fictional account and not accurate.


Answer by  lokindra (481)

706 passengers survived the sinking of the titanic. Many of the characters and events depicted in the movie are not based on reality but included as dramatic representations. That said, the movie does a good job of representing many people from the actual sinking and staying true to the sequence of events from sailing day to rescue.

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