Question by  trouble (66)

How many sausage balls are needed to feed 50 people?


Answer by  kashin7 (345)

The standard Italian sausage ball is two thirds the size of your palm, and the serving size is three per plate. That's at least 150 sausage balls.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

If the balls are small I would figure 4 per person. Which would be 200. If they are large like for spaghetti I would think 2 per person. Which would be 100. It is better to have more.


Answer by  marcia (228)

You generally figure about 4 to 5 appetizers for each person at the party. So if you are having other items at the party, you can figure on only having 1 to 2 sausage balls per person, or 50 to 100 sausage balls. I would always err on the side of too many.


Answer by  Jeannette (17)

Given the average portion size of meat which is 80gms boneless meat I would say depending on the size of your sausage balls, you can average two to three balls each. At least two balls for the ladies and allow three balls for gentlemen.


Answer by  Anonymous

One per person, unless you want to contribute to obesity in America.

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