Question by  psrasheedymailcom (9)

How many pictures can you get on a 2g memory card?


Answer by  bob6518 (319)

There's no set number - it depends on how big the pictures are. My old 8 MP camera could get about 500 in one GB, smaller can get much more.


Answer by  Denkalaz (92)

Depends on how Mega pixels the pictures are. you can fit 800 10 Mega pixel pictures and 1200 8 Mega pixels. It varies.


Answer by  ratheesh88 (14)

It is depend up on the size of the picture which you want to take or insert.obviously near about 25000 pictures you can . There is slightly diffrence in capacity of memory card which is produced by various company.


Answer by  DCLaForce (21)

That depends on the resolution of your camera. Many cameras on the market today are approximately 7 Megapixels, so you should expect around 400 pictures on a 2g card.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well this will depend on what resolution and quality your camera is. If your camera takes picture that are around 6mb a piece then you can expect to fit around 300+ pictures total.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The number of pictures you can get on a 2G memory card varies depending on how many mega pixels your camera is for instance on a 3 mega pixel camera you can get about 2400 pictures but as the mega pixels go up you get less pictures on the card as the quality is better.

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