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Question by  bruntha (6)

How many "Doctor Who" actors have there been?

Why do they keep changing it?


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

In the current series, Doctor Who is played by Matt Smith, who is the eleventh actor to play the role. Changing the actors who play the Doctor is built in to the design of the show. It allows the show to stay fresh over a very long time.


Answer by  Bess2728 (682)

"Dr Who" has been on TV since 1963. There have been eleven doctors, and each doctor has been played by a different actor. According to show, the doctors are able to regenerate their bodies when they are near death. This allows for actors to depart, and the series to continue.


Answer by  dbusha1 (175)

When Doctor Who premiered in 1963, lead actor William Hartnell was 55. Due to poor health, Hartnell left the show in 1966. The producers, not wanting the popular programme to end abruptly, came upon a unique idea--since the Doctor was an alien being, he could "die" and regenerate as a different person. To date, twelve actors have portrayed the Doctor.

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