Question by  jennybop (254)

How many calories are there in eggs?

I love eggs and want to eat them on my diet.


Answer by  Debora (61)

Eggs are very low in calories 1 large egg contains about 76 calories. The white has about 17 calories and the yolk about 59 calories. Perperation is where you need to be careful. When you add additional ingregients to your eggs is where you can get in trouble.


Answer by  Joyce1234 (104)

Eggs are very healthy and important in everyone's diet. Depending on how you cook your eggs, the calorie intake is a little bit different. There's 17 calorie in egg whites, 59 in the yolk, 92 in fried eggs, 76 when hard boiled & poached, and 100 when scrambled.


Answer by  facet (41)

There are about 75 calories in a large boiled egg. Frying an egg will add the calories from the butter or oil.

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