Question by  madcookie83 (65)

Can an IUD cause thinning hair in women?

I had an IUD put in and now my hair is thinning.


Answer by  ToralDwivedi (606)

Copper T or Lippe's Loop - both are Intra Uterine Devices [IUD] and have no effect on the thickness of hair. Both prevent fertilization of ovum and act physically on myometrium. They do not cause any systemic damage to the body. Cause of thinning of your hair must be different.


Answer by  benjiross (993)

Hair thinning may be related to aging, causes in the scalp or sometimes hormonal changes. These are usually not related to an IUD. Get your hair checked and also your thyroid functions.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

There's a wealth of anecdotal evidence available on the web which which suggests a connection between copper IUDs and hair loss. A zinc supplement may slow or stop the hair loss but zinc is toxic in too strong a dose so consult with your pharmacist or doctor before taking zinc.


Answer by  marcia (228)

There are no medical reasons why an IUD should cause thinning hair in women. However, if you are experiencing hair loss, talk to your health care professional as thinning hair can be the result of other health issues.


Answer by  dearvalerie (20)

I believe that excess copper in the body can lead to hair thinning and since the IUD is made of copper; it may be a contributing factor.


Answer by  lilraesdad (41)

That would have to be a very very rare side effect. There is no indication of IUD's causing hair loss. Most of the side effects are directly related to the area that it is inserted in.

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