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Question by  MissMessy (34)

How long have "The Punisher" comic books been around?

I think it's a Marvel comic.


Answer by  Debby65 (57)

The Punisher, a vigilante anti-hero who fights mafia crime, first appeared in his own Marvel Comics series in 1986 though he was introduced in a Spiderman Comic in 1974. He continues to be a popular character in ongoing publications.


Answer by  mask (59)

The character first appeared in the amazing spider man comic in 1974, but his first solo comics were a mini-series in 1986 called The Punisher.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

It is a marvel comic and the first time this character was put into comic books was in 1974. His first apperance was in The Amazing Spider Man comic book issue #129.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

The Punisher, Frank Castle, first appeared in the Marvel comic book #129 The Amazing Spiderman in the February 1974 edition. His character was co-created by Gerry Conway, writer, and Ross Andru, artist.

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