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Question by  mommy5 (144)

How long does it take to lower cholesterol?

I need to lower my cholesterol and was hoping it did not take too long.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Usually it takes a good while to lower cholesterol and obviously the higher it is the longer it takes. A good diet, exercise and any medication made to lower cholestrol will help get faster results. Be patient.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

Lowering your cholesterol will take time. This means months, not weeks (but not years!). You will have a gradual decrease. Most plans for lowering cholesterol will aim to reach a target level after about 6 months.


Answer by  Touchdown (317)

Lowering your cholesterol is not something that you can do overnight, but it is something that can be accomplished with an increased focus on your diet. Making sure that you are eating foods that are healthy will give you the best chance.


Answer by  bigtimefball (62)

It varies from person to person. Everybody is different, so it all depends on you, your fitness level, your body fat percentage, and how well you handle exercise. If your doctor prescribes medication, it could either accelerate the process or slow it down. So it depends.


Answer by  luckykadm (86)

In three months you can lower your cholesterol by taking oatmeal every day, eating a high fiber diet and increasing your intake of omegas from fish especially salmon it is very good for you. Also be sure to be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day to help flush your blood.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

If you are not taking medication, it takes approximately 6 months with a proper diet and lots of exercise. No more than 30% of your diet should contain fat.


Answer by  elynne (1153)

It depends on a number of factors. How committed you are to changing your eatting habits and amount of exercise your willing to engage in. And your willingness to follow the medical treatment your doctor directs.

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