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Question by  rbaynard (13)

How do I get my cholesterol lowered?

I need to lower my cholesterol.


Answer by  Golytelee (19)

The first and easiest way is to adjust your diet. Analyze what you are eating and cut out any uneccesary fat content. The second easy thing to do is get more exercise. Just a half-mile a day walking will be enough to bring levels down by a couple points.


Answer by  whutt316 (68)

Stay away from fatty foods. Eat more whole grains. Get some decent excercise like walking, light aerobics, etc. Get with a nutritionist to get yourself a good diet plan.


Answer by  nicole31 (67)

The most important thing is to limiting your salt intake. Limiting the amount of meat that you consume can also be very helpful. Cheerios has been known to lower cholesterol and is also good for your heart.


Answer by  mjaromin (42)

Load on plenty of fluids like water, tea, fruit juices (organic) especially pineapple and young coconut. Try boiled lemon grass as water replacement, it was effective for my mother.

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