Question by  MSet (30)

How long does it take for alcohol to exit the body?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

If you drink alcohol in the evening from 8pm up to 1am in the morning it has been proven you would pass a breathalizer next day at 8am in the morning.


Answer by  et (154)

Your body can process the equivalent of 1 oz of 100 proof liquor (or 5 oz of wine or 12 oz of 5%abv beer) at the rate of 2-3 the first hour and 1 per hour after that up to a total of about 6. Weight and amount of food eaten also plays a factor.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

It depends on the person's metabolism, but in general it takes one hour for each drink to metabolize. A glass of wine, bottle of beer or shot of hard liquor all take about the same time to metabolize.


Answer by  paulz1 (79)

It takes about 1 hour for the average body to process 1 ounce of alcohol. This equates to 1 beer, or a glass of wine.


Answer by  rfoltz33 (217)

It may be safe to say that for every 12 ounce drink you have it takes 1 hour for it to exit the body. The OH portion of alcohol compounds bonds very well with H2O in cells of the body and takes a while for the bonds to be eliminated.


Answer by  Anonymous

a 180 pound male at aprox 30 years of age will metabolize one 12 ounce can of 5% beer per 80 minutes. Add more for stronger content, like 12-16 minutes per percentage depending on if female or male, and fat is a factor. If you have anempty stomach add1houraafulnstomachadd3

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