Question by  abrarrahman (22)

How long does the virus HIV live in the open?

If someone expels bodily fluids on a flat surface how long will it live?


Answer by  Hom (238)

Usually it depends on which type of flat surface is it expelled on. For example, if it is expelled on a bed sheet, it may take longer for it to be rid than if it were to be expelled on wood. Air and other chemicals could help remove it, but only if it is exposed to it.


Answer by  naveenmj (19)

HIV cannot live outside host for long time. If in wet surface there is chance to existence of active HIV but cannot live more than 7 hours in open air.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

HIV is a very fragile organism like most viruses. Once it is allowed to dry, the virus rapidly decomposes. Some authors believe the activity or life span of this virus ebds in a few short hours.

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