Question by  PhotoPete (45)

What is normal procedures regarding gum graft and alcohol?

Is it Ok, not Ok, how long?


Answer by  Jared71 (30)

Every individual varies in his or her own unique situation, depending on their age, health history, and the extent of the procedures. It is import that you check with your medical professional who performed the procedure to verify what is safe for you.


Answer by  DoonaJo (23)

After a gum graft alcohol must be and should be avoided for a minimum of at least two days. Alcohol can cause blood to thin and blood vessels to react to the alcohol which can slow the healing process and cause your gums to bleed even more. Alcohol will and can burn when touching the surgery area.


Answer by  worker9143 (44)

While the gum graft is healing the tissue around your gums is really soft and is producing new blood vessels, and drinking alcohol hurts this procedure which makes the healing process take even longer making the pain even worse. To be safe wait at least a week or even two before consuming alcohol.


Answer by  worker1595 (19)

It is not ok. This is because Alcohol in general is very bad for you and should only be consumed by person over the age of 21. The procedure can be a long and enduring one


Answer by  Anonymous

Wait at least 4/5 days before drinking. Alcohol will burn the surgical area, but if you really still do want to drink, I suggest straight shots

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