Question by  apple (447)

How long does it take for a sheet of paper to decompose?


Answer by  Anonymous

It definatly would take longer than a week, but it does really depend on the environmental conditions.

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maybe u should list some more environmental conditions and show how long it would take. my class and i are making a time capsule and we need to know  add a comment

Answer by  jeremy46 (325)

This depends. Shredded and mixed with water and manure, it will be gone in a matter of months. But a sheet of paper in a landfill lasts for years.


Answer by  berwynbob (49)

It depends on the environment (e.g., temperature, amount of sunshine, humidity, etc), but it would not take longer than a week under normal conditions.


Answer by  joda123 (6)

If the paper is in the landfill, newspapers can still be read after 40 years (!), but if its just in the ground, it will just be a matter of years because of rain, bugs, etc.


Answer by  google (4)

hello everyone (i accidently put my answer up there) it was quite interesting to read your answers but i am a scientist and i know the correct answer is 3yrs and seven months. thankyou and read the rest above this message on "hi" 's comment


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