Question by  andretti06 (15)

What is the best kind of paper for scrapbooking?

I want something that will last a long time.


Answer by  cklight (327)

Cardstock paper and Mulberry paper are some of the best papers to use for scrapbook keeping. Ultimately, these papers are thick, and the Mulberry paper is quite fibrous as well.


Answer by  drews (149)

Your greatest concern for scrap booking and paper is to make sure that it is acid free. If the paper is not acid free discoloration over time will occur. You should also make sure items like tape and pictures applied to the paper are acid free as well.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

The longest lasting paper is that which is acid free. Paper with acid in it will brown and become fragile. Acid free does not deteriorate in the same way.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

foe scrapbooking you buy a olt of different colors and all the paper and stuff you use should be acid free so it dont mess up your picture years to come and this way they stay nice and colorful even the pen and the and the glue should be acid free


Answer by  MzGlace (373)

There are lots of choices in scrapbooking papers, but the one thing you absolutely have to have is a paper that is labeled as "acid free." This prevents the book from deteriorating over time; it is sold almost everywhere and is usually labeled clearly and is not too very expensive.

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