Question by  pm (18)

How long does it take a snake to shed?


Answer by  Eve (34)

Depending on the snake, it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to fully shed. It really depends on the snake's growth rate. The quicker it grows, the more it will shed, and sometimes the quicker the shed will be. If the snake has problems shedding, you can give it a bath with some mineral water to help.


Answer by  jacksmith (32)

This depends on the size of the snake, and other environmental factors (humidity, etc. ). But typically, it takes one to two weeks for a snake to shed its skin.


Answer by  Dragon7 (150)

A snake will go milky colored and its eyes will blue over. A few days later the milkiness will clear, then the snake will shed just after that.


Answer by  Anonymous

Thanks for the answers, mines gone milky with blue over eyes, its been a few days, but now l know approx how long it takes. Shes shedded before but for some reason this time l'm watching her more and handling her more sowas curious how long.

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