Question by  daouch (5)

Will I save money by buying dog food in bulk?

I only have one dog so it will not be eaten that quickly.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Yes. Just remember to keep it in a tightly sealed container. I keep my dog's food in a metal trash can with a tight lid or it could mold.


Answer by  amanda5618 (48)

Yes it is cheaper in bulk. Opened dry food should be stored in air tight containers. Also, if storing dry food containers in a garage or similar areas, be sure they are mouse/insect proof. Both dry and canned food have expiration dates and are usually good for a year or more in their unopened packaging.


Answer by  Anonymous

It depends on the brand. In general buying in bulk is cheaper in the long run, but I've seen instances where it isn't. Next time you are in the market to buy, bring your calculator and divide the price by the number of ounces. This should give you the answer.


Answer by  Dianne857 (105)

Yes, for the most part, you will save money by buying dog food in bulk, as usually larger bags of food are cheaper per ounce than smaller bags. Just compare the various size bags of the brand you want to buy. To keep the dog food from going bad, keep it sealed in a plastic container.


Answer by  judithr105 (269)

If your dog is large and has a big appetite, then buying dog food in bulk is a good idea. However if you have a small dog, then the food will probably become rancid by the time it is finished.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

It's a god idea to buy in bulk so that you can avoid any increases in price's in the near future. It's a great idea to look for sales and specials on the dog food you are interested in buying. If you can find it on sale for three to four dollars cheaper now than you are saving money.

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