Question by  Ubutler (24)

How is stress related to time management?

I feel a lot of stress and it seems to affect my time management.


Answer by  jcrane (118)

What causes stress for one person may not cause stress for another, but stress can be directly related to a lack of time management. Making a list of to-do chores or sticking to a strict schedule can save you time, and help you avoid a last-minute rush.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

When we are pressed for time, this naturally increases stress. When we are highly stressed, we often lose track of time.


Answer by  krbrando (23)

It is easy to become stressed out when you feel you can not control your management of time. When things must get done within a certain time frame you become acutely aware of minutes and seconds moving by and as each action that you wish to complete remains undone the stress builds up both mentally and physically.


Answer by  Xayne (177)

Stress is related to time management by having a certain task needing to get done within an certain time frame. The more time you have to do the task, the less stress you will feel, but let's say you have to write a 5 page essay in 15 minutes, you will probably become stressed out.


Answer by  kursteena (36)

The reason for that is the overwhelmed feeling, the feeling of being rushed. When you feel as though you're being rushed, time moves faster :(

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