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Question by  Junebugbetty (23)

How is a person's final height estimated?

I am curious as to how tall my children will be.


Answer by  AmirLuskySmallCock (160)

Lookook at growth charts and see where your child is now and where that will leave him if he continues at the same rate, but this isn't always accurate.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

It is mainly in the genetics. If you have really tall people on either side of the family, they will be really tall. If short, you get the idea. Though really, you can never really know for sure since all sorts of factors could come into play.


Answer by  decor (23)

There is no exact way of determining a person's final height. Genetic factors, like the height of parents are a factor as are behavioral factors like diet and exercise.


Answer by  worker1438 (23)

Its all depend on perental history. The person increase hight due to PUBERTY. If all gone normal a person can get hight like own parents and grandparents. Sometime any hormonal disturbments can take place some hindrence. Otherwise all will be gone normal.

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